Serenading Seoul
Seoul life through the eyes of Stephanie Maria Medryk (although here I'm more likely known as 마리아), a Digital Media student who studied at Ewha Womans University. Photos, thoughts, experiences, songs stuck in my head I hear on the street. This was my life.

05:34 31/04/2012 - 학림 Coffee Shop : Pudding
03:20 09/02/2012 - 12/02/2012 TEMPLE STAY

Pure vegan meal every day for 4 days, absolutely delicious @w@
06:21 Wonderful barbeque place in 홍대. This meat is served and prepared on hot stones. So delicious @.@
22:14 Definitely my favorite Ramen..♥
04:18 Poopy cakes in 인사동
12:43 Milk pudding from Cafe mellow…godly ♥
21:42 More from CAFE 5CIJUNG. Cream cheese souffle with vanilla ice cream and cuteness :3
02:15 제주도: The famous “Black Pork” (to be honest I didn’t taste the difference T_T)
01:50 제주도: 갈치조림
07:52 ♥